We are Seaside and Pine

Michael and Jennifer Bolton

Seaside and Pine came to be when two worlds collided years ago.

Michael, a firefighter from Northern Ireland and an admirer of the sea, found himself in the woodlands of Hume Lake, California, where he was attending a retreat for firefighters.

Jennifer, a native to California and lover of the forest, had been invited to the same retreat as a speaker to the women in attendance.

Having lived worlds apart, they would have never met if it weren't for that day, divinely planned by their Creator, at Hume Lake.

The years have taught them how to blend life between two countries, but the most profound example has been by the sea and the pines. 

Two very different elements of nature, unique in their individual environments, and beautiful in their own landscape. However, both need each other.

The hope we have within our own story is one we want to share with the world:

- when we allow our diverse experiences and personal preferences to meet with those of another, what we hold individually becomes more powerful when brought together.

Seaside and Pine.

Two worlds. Two environments. One purpose.